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The Hampton Canvas is an atmosphere where we imagine the possibilities of your inner artist and create a place of relaxation together.

"Imagine Art! Create Art! Inspire Art!"


I am Maia Anderson, and I have been painting as long as I can remember.  It has always been my place of comfort - my retreat from all of the noise life has to offer.  Whenever I was challenged or just when I felt the inspiration, I began to paint, sketch and carve wood as an outlet.  I enjoy utilizing various materials in the creative process.  Paper.  It never had a chance with me!  I love sketching and seeking new ways of being creative.  My favorite medium is watercolor and pencils.

Art is a beautiful process and an expression of one's inner vision - how they see the world.  It particularly brings me so much joy to see others find their creative side.  It is AMAZING to see everyone start out with the same sketch and in the end, the creative expression is INDIVIDUAL.  You can see different shades, backgrounds and lighting sources.  Why?  We are all different and have our personal perspective of the world.  I endeavor to share this realization with the entire world.

You need not be a professional.  Everyone is endowed with a measure of creativity.  It is not the desire for everyone to become a professional artist. However, art is not limited to professionals.  Creative freedom is available to everyone!  Tap into a space that expresses your inner artist to the world.

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